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Welcome to my flying page:
I took up this "hobby" on a whim, and it soon emptied my pockets. Eventually, after much sweat, I learnt how to fly, and really learnt why humans are not supposed to be able to fly. 
There is absolutely nothing natural about flying. 
Driving is an order of magnitude (or two) simpler.
Riding a bike is child's play.
IMHO, getting the Ph.D. was easier than getting a basic, private pilot's license

I have just about begun to learn. There is a long road ahead, and I am sincerely looking forward. Thanks Tom.


Why do I Fly?
Because I can :-)
Because it is exhilarating, hard-work, fun, discipline, freedom, challenging, confidence building, 3-D, expensive, fun, stressful, information packed and fun. Did I say fun?


The Most FAQ:
Is General Aviation Safe?


An Important Edict:
An occasional pilot is a dead pilot.
(Have you done your practice today?)


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- Catalina Trip
- solo flying,
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