To Catalina!

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Monday 21st Jan - Friday 25 Jan. 2002

To: San Diego, McClellan Palomar, Carlsbad (CRQ) and Avalon, Catalina (AVX)

It was 10:30 am and Austin, Zvi and myself were chowing down some burritos at a cheap Mexican joint. There was not much conversation left, we all knew the time was upon us to do what we have been planning for a long time.

Austin and myself would be flying to San Diego's Palomar Airport (25 miles North of downtown) and back. The flight plan estimated the trip at about 3 hours. It was my longest journey. Zvi was going to see us off and act as the photographer-in-chief-on-ground-only.

We were excited and apprehensive and oh well, off we went.

First leg of the trip P19 (Stellar) to CRQ (Palomar)

Second leg was CRQ to AVX (Calalina) and back

Third leg was CRQ to P19.

After I got back, whenever someone saw me, they would act like they had just seen a ghost. "You back?", they would blurt instinctively, followed by an incredulous "Did you really go?"

I guess not many expected to see me return alive. In case I have screwed up any bets, sorry. But I did go, and I am back.

The unsuspecting passengers on the Catalina trip were Eric and Kyoung. The suspecting passenger, Austin, probably has not too much regard for his life (attribute of being young).