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Research projects

My current research interests are in security (with a focus on consumer computing) operating systems for multi-core architectures, networking,  and sensor networking.

My research, since 1993 has been in collaboration with the parallel and distributed systems group at New York University (Z. M. Kedem and V. Karamcheti). The research topics include Security, Networking and Operating Systems. I have also collaborated with Dr. Nong Ye of Industrial Engineering, ASU.

My funding sources have been SFAz, NSF, AFOSR, DARPA and Microsoft.

Publications from all the projects below are here.

Currently Active Projects

Smart Buildings

Hierarchical Operating Systems

Authentication in Consumer Computing

Malware Resilience

Past Projects

Sensor Networking Security
Tracking location and identity of deployed sensors and biosensors in spite of intrusions.
Inception: 2003

P2P Reputations
Managing reputations and liars in P2P systems

Network Hardening: 
Transport level protocols for enabling higher level security in large TCP-IP networks (e.g. Internet). 
Inception: 2001
Funding Sources: AFOSR, DARPA.

Dynamic Coalitions: 
Technology for managing large scale cooperation amongst diverse organizations. 
Inception: February 1999 
Funding Sources: DARPA, Microsoft

General Purpose Process Migration
Moving regular application processes from here to there.
Inception: 1999 
Funding Sources: NSF

Computing Communities: 
Coalescing many general purpose systems to form one single general purpose system - and maintain legacy binary compatibility. 
Inception: 1998 
Funding Source: DARPA

Active Files
Teach old files new tricks. 
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Dates: September 1998 - May 1999.
Funded out of DARPA (MILAN).

Attack Resilient P2P Services
Make internet services attack resilient by recruiting large numbers of peer systems to provide the service.
Inception: 2002

Peer Communities
Self forming, self managing and full content searching of user communities with no central administration.
Inception: 2002 
Funding Sources: DARPA.

The MILAN Project
etacomputing in Large Asynchronous Networks - managing fault isolation, QoS, scalability, Tunability and Adaptivity  for parallel processing. 
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Dates: 1995 -1998
Funding Sources: DARPA, NSF, Intel and Microsoft.

A simple, innovative and fast technology for shared memory parallel processing (on clusters). 
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Dates: 1993-1996
Funding Sources: NSF, Intel

Prior Research (before 1993)


All research projects include major implementation effort of novel operating systems and runtime systems.


Worked with a few persistent object management projects (1991-1993).


Six years of experience developing and implementing the Clouds Distributed Operating System at Georgia Tech. (1984-1991)


Ph.D. thesis on Database Concurrency Contol (1984).


Funding Sources include NSF, NSA, Sun Microsystems.