CSE 330: Operating Systems - Course policies



Attendance is required. On-campus students are expected to be present on campus during the semester. Excused absences include specific reasons such as medical, religious, University sanctioned activities. Note that there is a strong correlation between class attendance and grade (even though attendance is not counted towards grade). [Attend classes]


Discussion Board

You are expected to use the discussion board. Important announcements, clarifications and other timely communication will be posted there you are responsible to be aware of these.


In addition, questions about the class, material, projects and such have to be asked on the discussion forum. Direct email questions to me should be limited to confidential matters or things that only affect you. [Use forum]


Assignments and Projects

Assignments and projects will be posted on the class web page. The due dates are strict. Submissions are to be made in class (hardcopy) or electronic (CANVAS) as required. Electronic assignment deadline is midnight on the posted date. Late assignments may not be accepted. [Do and submit on time]



The exam dates are posted. These cannot be changed, except due to unforeseen events such as emergencies. [Take the exam]



The final grade is derived from an overall score which is a weighted sum of the assignments and exams. This score will determine your class rank and the class rank determines your grade. Approximately 30% of the class can expect an A and another 30% - 35% can expect a B. C, D, E are for poorer performance (the majority of this group can expect a C). These percentages are just a guideline.


Grade makeup

There will be no makeup, such as extra credit work, extra credit exams and/or other methods beyond what all students are expected to do. Extra credit warps class rankings. [No extras]