CSE531: Distributed and
Multiprocessor Operating Systems
Computer Science and Eng.         Fulton School of Eng.


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Course Description

A comprehensive overview of the state of the technology in constructing multiprocessor and distributed operating systems. Multiprocessor system include symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing as well as the use of virtual processors for parallel applications such as in PVM. Distributed systems include message passing, RPC and DSM systems. In addition the course covers some distributed systems theory that lays the foundations of time, state and agreement in distributed systems.


bulletMultiprocessor Operating Systems
bulletArchitecture of Multiprocessor Systems
bulletShared Memory Multiprocessors and Cache Coherency
bulletProgramming Multiprocessors
bulletConcurrency in Multiprocessors
bulletScheduling in Multiprocessors
bulletDistributed OS Paradigms:
bulletNetwork Operating Systems,
bulletMessage Based Systems,
bulletObject-Based systems.
bulletDistributed Programming Techniques:
bulletMessage passing,
bulletShared Memory.
bulletDistributed OS Theory:
bulletAgreement and Common Knowledge,
bulletDistributed Snapshots,
bulletRecovery and Concurrency control,
bulletClock Synchronization,
bulletDistributed Algorithm Design,
bulletDistributed Mutual Exclusion.
bulletDistributed OS Algorithms and Programming:
bulletReplication Algorithms,
bulletCoherence of Distributed Memory,
bulletProcess Failure detection,
bulletConcurrency control,
bulletdistributed locking,
bulletdistributed dictionary management.

Course Evaluation

The students in the course are expected to attend all classes (or watch videos if online) and participate in discussions. The projects, homeworks and exams will be used to evaluate student performance.