CSE539: Applied Cryptography

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Course Description

Cryptographic protocols allow a group of people to communicate, plot, and perform intensively complex tasks even if there is no trust amongst them. Such protocols allow the creation of unforgeable electronic documents (via digital signatures), the creation of electronic checks (that cannot be copied), the ability to do all or nothing disclosures (“I will tell you only if you tell me”) and a plethora of such important functions; all the way up to digital cash (untraceable, unforgeable electronic currency). Cryptographic protocols are incredibly important in today’s wired world. Use of cryptography allows trusted communications trusted electronic commerce and prevention of fraud on the Internet community.

The course covers three major topics: Cryptographic Algorithms, Cryptographic Protocols and Cryptographic Techniques. The algorithms embody the art of encryption. The cryptographic protocols will expose the audience to the fascinating world of building trust on untrusted relationships. And finally the Cryptographic Techniques will discuss the methodology used in key management and algorithm choice.


1.  Introduction


What is Cryptography?


Encryption and Cryptanalysis




Vulnerabilities, privacy and Threats

2.  Basic Cryptographic Algorithms


Encryption schemes


Random numbers


Security of encryption methods


Public Key encryption

3.  Basic Cryptographic Protocols


Key Exchange




Public Key Algorithms


Digital Signatures


Secret Sharing


Digital Certificates

4  .Intermediate Protocols
bulletSSL Secure Sockets Layer
bulletTimestamping services
bulletSubliminal Channels
bulletUndeniable signatures
bulletBit commitment
bulletCoin flipping on the telephone
bulletAll or nothing disclosure of secrets

5.  Advanced Protocols

bullet· Zero Knowledge Proofs
bullet· Digital Certified Mail
bullet· Elections
bullet· Digital Cash

6.  Cryptographic Techniques

bullet· DES
bullet· RSA
bullet· DSA
bullet· Key Management
bullet· Compromised key handling

7.The Real World

bullet· Commonly used software
bullet· The law and Cryptography
bullet· Politics

Course Evaluation

The students in the course are expected to attend all classes (or watch videos if online) and participate in discussions. The projects, homeworks and exams will be used to evaluate student performance.