CSE539 -- Applied Cryptography, Fall 2019


This is a set of bullet points, class slides, and audio, that summarizes the class coverage of material. By no means is this comprehensive or is a substitute for class notes and attendance. Also, updating of this page is not guaranteed to be frequent.

 This page will be updated as class progresses....

Class 1:


       Administrivia, Cryptography, Grading, Course contents

       Number Theory

       Course topics

       |notes|no audio|


Class 2:

       Large Numbers

       Kerckhoffs Principle

       Cryptographic Algorithms


       Permutation-Substitution, Feistel functions

       |notes|audio-1, audio-2|


Class 3:

       Crypto Algorithms

       History of crypto, Ceaser, Vignere

       One Time Pad

       Block Encryption Modes (ECB, CBC)

       RSA basics



Class 4:

       RSA basics

       DES slides | info

       AES slides



Class 5:


       Random Numbers, pseudorandom Numbers

       Crypto Secure Random Numbers

       Generating secure random numbers (HASH-DRBG)

       Intro to Hash Functions



Class 6:

       Hash Functions and properties

       PPT notes





Class 7:

       Coin Tossing

       Key Exchange

       Merkles Puzzles explanation and Paper

       Diffie Helman



Class 8:

       Diffie Helman details


       Key Exchange and Authentication with RSA



Class 9:

       RSA key exchange, Signatures and Certificates

       Certificate Authorities

       Password storage

       Dictionary attacks and Hashing



Class 10:

       Rainbow Tables

       Cryptographic Protocols and Properties



Class 11, 12 and 13 are available on Canvas (or will be)


Class 11:

       Elliptic Curve Cryptography

       Secret Messaging



Class 12:

       PKI and Signatures (2 segments)

       Web Certificates (Demo)


Class 13:

       SSL (2 segments) info, slides, specifications

       Plausible Deniability and Perfect forward Security


Class 14:

       Mid Term Review

       Root of trust

       SSL attacks



Class 15:


       Eulers Totient Function

       Properties of Z*n

       a^phi(n) = 1



Class 16:

       Proof of RSA [complete doc]

       Finding Prime Numbers

       Primality testing Fermat Test, Miller Rabin

       Fast Exponentialtion

       |notes|audio|first few mins, and last 15 mins of audio missing (sorry)


Class 17:

       Finding e,d (public-private keys)

       Dining Cryptographers

       Commutative Encryption

       Mental Poker

       Homomorphic Encryption

       Bit commitment



Class 18:

       Bit commitment

       Multiparty Computation

       Oblivious Transfer

       Secret Splitting and sharing



Class 19:

       Timestamps (linked and Distributed)

       Proxy Signatures

       Group Signatures



Class 20:

       Blind Signatures

       Anonymous Money Orders

       Simultaneous Contract Signing



Class 21:

       Zero Knowledge Proofs

       Graph Isomorphism

       Feige Fiat Shamir Proof of identity

       Randomized Response Technique

       One way accumulators



Class 22:

       Off the record messaging talk by Ian Goldberg

       OTR with Socialist Millionaire 1. OTR Page 2. OTR protocol 3. Explanation



Class 23:

       Bitcoin and Blockchain [paper]


       Bitcoins and threshold

       Transaction logs

       Transferring bitcoins

       Proof of Work




Class 24:

       Secure Elections

       CTF, CLA and blind signatures



Class 25:

       Digital Cash

       Chaffing and Winnowing



Class 26:

       Review class